Recording now Available: Live Chat with Alex Stamos/Chris Krebs on Sidechannel, Friday April 30, 11am PST/2pm EST

Recording now Available: Live Chat with Alex Stamos/Chris Krebs on Sidechannel, Friday April 30, 11am PST/2pm  EST

//// If you missed the live chat today with Alex Stamos and Chris Krebs, I’ve uploaded a recording of it here: ////

Hi  Everyone,

This is just an FYI to let you know that this Friday (April 30) at 11am PST/2pm EST, I’ll be interviewing Alex Stamos and Chris Krebs on the live stage of Sidechannel — the Discord server seven other writers and I launched last week for paid subscribers to our publications.

Alex (@alexstamos) is the former chief security officer for both Facebook and Yahoo. He was brought on as a consultant to Zoom last year at the start of the pandemic when usage of the video-conferencing service skyrocketed and it became clear that the software was not up to the task of securing the sensitive corporate, government and medical conversations that migrated online in the wake of lockdowns. He’s currently the founding director of Stanford’s Internet Observatory, a cross-disciplinary program focused on researching, teaching and developing policy around abuses of social media platforms and other technologies.

Chris (@C_C_Krebs) was the first director of DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure  Security Agency — that is, until former President Donald Trump fired him over Twitter for disputing Trump’s false claims about a stolen election. Krebs’ team at DHS was instrumental in educating states and counties about securing their election infrastructure after the 2016 election interference by Russian actors. Prior to joining the government, Chris was Microsoft’s director for cybersecurity policy, where he led the company’s U.S. policy work on cybersecurity and technology issues.

Chris and Alex recently launched a security consulting firm, the Krebs Stamos Group, which was hired by SolarWinds to help the company improve its security stance following the dramatic supply-chain breach that hackers — believed to be connected to Russia’s foreign intelligence agency SVR — used to infiltrate at least nine federal agencies and about 100 companies.

If you’re a paid subscriber to Zero Day, you already received an invitation link to join Sidechannel and can simply click on the live stage room to join us for the conversation on Friday. If you’re not a paid subscriber and would like to become one, simply click the link below to upgrade your membership. Once you do, you’ll receive an automated email with a link to join Sidechannel.

Also, today on Sidechannel (4/27), my colleague Ryan Broderick (@garbage_ryan) will be interviewing Matt Saincome, co-founder of The Hard Times and Outvoice, at 2pm PST/5pm EST.